Staff Spotlight – Meet Brian…



Meet Brian Huskey. He’s one of the owners of the Gaslight Group (the other owner is Jennifer, Brian’s wife, and she’s über awesome too, but we’ll talk about her in a minute…)

Brian got started in the food ‘biz’ working concessions at University of Tennessee athletic games, which is where he received his bachelor of science degree. He then went on to rack up experience working for Steak and Ale, The Butcher Shop Steakhouse, Ruby Tuesday, & Stokely Hospitality Enterprises all in Tennessee. In 2006, he left that job to move to Savannah, where he & Jennifer purchased B. Matthew’s Bakery and slowly transformed it into the sought-after B. Matthew’s Eatery it is today along with three other locations & concepts in tow.

“… We were able to take a leap of faith and uprooted. I quit my job, Jennifer quit her job and we took our son out of school. I was 39 at the time and felt it was either now or never. I would definitely do it again. [Eight] Years later, I’m still learning every day. That’s the thing I like about the business…”.

And that’s the thing that we like about Brian. The thing that makes Brian the fearless leader that he is: he isn’t afraid to learn, to progress and change day to day.

He sees the details and the big picture. He recognizes the importance of people to the hospitality business–both staff and customers–and does any and everything to make sure everyone is really, really happy and taken care of. Where would we be without him!

Thanks for all you do, Brian, in helping to keep us covered!




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